Why mindfulness?

Has this ever happened to you? You're trying to complete what should be a simple task, but your brain just feels overwhelmed by thoughts or feelings? You're not alone in this. You're simply human. Mindfulness is being fully present in the moment, aware of our thoughts and feelings but not judging them or allowing them to distract us. This allows us to have a measured, appropriate response to the things happening around us instead of reacting based on our stress or anxiety.

Mindfulness also gives us the tools to recognize and move past negative self-talk while training our brains to embrace mistakes as exciting opportunities for personal growth. In this way, being mindful boosts our confidence and leads to more positive thoughts and emotions.

Mindfulness promotes...

Icon of a person seated in a meditative pose
Emotional Awareness

Acknowledge your thoughts and emotions, concentrating on the positive and moving past the negative.

Icon of a face in profile with the shape of a heart over the head
Mental Wellness

Create a positive cycle of self-talk and acceptance, turning negative thoughts into productive ones.

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Peak Performance

Use steady, measured breathing techniques and other resets to focus your mind and your body in the moment.

Why does it matter?

Mindfulness has a host of benefits for people of all ages. For students and athletes in particular, mindfulness can help improve and increase:

  • Self-compassion and positive self-talk

  • Compassion and empathy for others

  • Self-confidence

  • Feelings of community among classmates and teammates

Mindfulness also has a positive effect on mental health by helping to manage and decrease:

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Symptoms of depression

  • Behavior issues

  • Incidents of bullying