Meet the Team
Photo of Erin making a mock serious face

Erin McLeod



Erin is a professional athlete, playing soccer for top teams around the world and laying claim to an incredible 2-decade career as a goalkeeper for the Canadian Women’s National Team. Currently playing professionally for Icelandic and UEFA Champions League side, Stjarnan, she was inducted into the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame in 2019.

A three-time Olympian, Erin competed in the 2008 Beijing Games and won a bronze medal in London in 2012. Just three years later, in her fourth FIFA World Cup appearance, Erin helped lead Canada to a historic quarter-final finish. In 2021 at her third Olympic Games, Erin won a gold medal for Canada in Tokyo, knocking off FIFA's number 1, 5, and 7 ranked teams en route to the podium.

Erin’s interest in mindfulness began in the lead-up to the 2012 London Olympics, when she began working with renowned sports psychiatrist Dr. Ceri Evans. While the mental game had always been a part of her training, this helped Erin achieve significant growth that has directly contributed to her success on the soccer pitch. In the years since, Erin has become a certified mental trainer and uses mindfulness in her training regimen and day-to-day life.

Outside of her professional career, Erin is a motivational speaker and outspoken advocate for human rights, women’s empowerment, and LGBTQ+ rights. An avid artist, musician, and tattoo designer, Erin is also an active Pro Ambassador for Athlete Ally and is the host for the podcast, Three Sides with Erin McLeod.

Photo of Rachel with her hand on her chin

Dr. Rachel Lindvall



Rachel is a Leadership Director with an international Fortune 1000 company, actively involved in corporate culture and leadership development at all levels. With extensive experience in higher education as both a university professor and a women’s soccer coach, she holds a Doctorate of Health Sciences and Exercise Leadership with a research focus in mindfulness. She also holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in sport psychology. In January 2019, Rachel was named a Presidential Scholar in recognition for her service to society and dedication to intellectual growth.

Rachel brings decades of experience as a certified mental coach and mental skills consultant for university sports teams since 2010 and a certified athletic trainer since 2000. She has also spent over two decades coaching collegiate women’s soccer at the NCAA and NAIA levels across the United States.

Presenting and consulting globally as well as speaking at conferences, virtual summits, and podcasts, she is an active presence working to empower people with the tools to reach their potential. Rachel’s passion for empowering students, athletes, and people of all ages has been the catalyst for her doctoral research in mindfulness. She aims to make mindfulness an approachable, accessible tool that people can use to become the best version of themselves.

Outside the realm of corporate leadership, education, and athletics, Rachel enjoys music, traveling the world, and watching women’s soccer at the highest levels worldwide.

Jamie wearing a Wild Feminist tshirt

Jamie Lindvall

Business Operations Manager


Jamie is a career women’s soccer coach and a certified athletic trainer. Over two decades of coaching collegiate soccer and running youth sports camps have given him a unique understanding of the needs of athletes at every age and level. Growing up in Latin America has given Jamie a global perspective and a vested interest in expanding The Mindful Project programs internationally. In addition to handling day to day operations, Jamie oversees website management and design along with social media interactions and client support. When he’s not wearing multiple managerial hats, Jamie enjoys reading, cooking, fixing up cars, and exploring new parts of the world.

Portrait of Cara

Cara Lightman



Cara is a graphic designer and digital illustrator. Her professional and educational experience have contributed to many of the animated illustrations in The Mindful Project’s programs. Cara is a mom to two young boys, dabbles in teaching and runs her own graphic and illustration company called Bright Cloud Designs. You can contact her through her website or follow her creative process on Instagram via the links below.
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Portrait of Lauren with Pike Place Market in the background

Lauren Nielsen

Product Design Expert


Lauren is a product designer focusing on user experience, design systems, and visual design. Instrumental in designing the first iteration of our website, she brought incredible expertise in web design and technology to the team and continues to be passionate about using design practices to solve human issues. When she’s not designing layouts or writing code, Lauren can be found cooking great food or hitting the gym.

Portrait of Kelsey wearing an olive color sweater

Kelsey Nielsen

Marketing Specialist


Kelsey is a marketer specializing in brand strategy, content creation, and project management. Pivotal in the online launch of The Mindful Project, she brought years of expertise in launching creative campaigns and enjoys making complex concepts accessible to every audience. When she’s not brainstorming new taglines or writing copy, Kelsey enjoys reading good books and experiencing life abroad.

Julio head shot

Julio Vásquez Hernández

Spanish Language Translation


Julio is a professional tour guide specializing in the archeological arena of the Mayan civilization as well as the flora, fauna, and natural history of the Mayan world. He speaks Spanish, English, and French, as well as some of the Mayan dialects of Guatemala's Petén region. Julio has extensive experience working with the local communities of the Petén alongside international companies and organizations that include the production crew of Survivor, Martin Guitar, PRS Guitars and The Mindful Project among others. When he gets a break from his day to day, Julio enjoys birdwatching and learning more about the natural world.