Mindfulness Programs

We offer a variety of programs for athletes and students, helping you to make mental health AND performance a priority.

High Performance Program

Are you an elite athlete looking to take your performance to the next level? This program is for you.
  • Designed for high school, university, and professional athletes

  • 12 chapters, 3 sessions per chapter

  • Self-guided; can be completed at your own pace

  • Designed for both individuals and teams

The High Performance program is designed specifically for athletes who are ready to take their performance to the next level, combining the concepts of mindfulness with personal development in order to elevate the whole person. The specialized course covers topics like rumination, handling stress and anxiety, attachment, grit, motivation, personal identity, and much more. Each session consists of an introductory video, a guided audio, and a digital or printable PDF to help athletes reflect on and apply that session’s concept.  

This program also offers unique guided audios on topics requested by some of the world’s top athletes, like game day preparation, post-game recovery, and reviewing successes and mistakes. In addition, this program includes 12 guided mobility sessions for recovery, evening wind-downs, daily use, and more; and 12 mental training videos, each with a unique method of helping athletes improve focus, mental control, memory, and breathing.

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$15.99 USD/month

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Annual - billed at $191.88 USD/yr

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HP Expansion Pack

Individuals & Teams

These offerings build on the foundation of the High Performance program.

  • The Next Steps: A four-chapter mini program that answers the “what’s next?” question. It helps athletes and coaches further apply what they have learned and create a game plan for the future.
  • Breathing Series: This five-chapter series provides further breathing tools for performance.
  • The Injury Recovery Program: A seven-chapter program that provides tools for injured athletes dealing with the recovery process. It also provides tools to help coaches and teammates better understand how to assist the injured athlete during this process.

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$12.99 USD/month


Annual - billed at $155.88 USD/yr

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Youth Sports & School Program

Are you a coach, parent or teacher of a young student athlete? This program is for you.
  • Designed for athletes and students ages 7 – 14

  • 12-week program, 5 days per week; can be flexibly adjusted to your timetable

  • Plug and play

  • Designed for individuals, teams and classrooms

The Sports & School program is designed to help students and athletes reduce stress and anxiety and improve their self-confidence, awareness, and emotional control through mindfulness. Throughout 12 weeks, kids will learn about growing through mistakes, kindness toward others, the importance of pursuing dreams, and much more.  

Each week is split into three curriculum days (typically Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and two guided mobility days (Tuesday and Thursday). Curriculum days include a short instructional video about the day’s mindfulness concept, a guided audio relaxation and mental training, and reflection and application questions in a digital or printable PDF. Mobility days teach students and athletes to connect the body and the mind through breathing and body awareness exercises.  

This program is the perfect length to help students and athletes begin forming habits, while the 15-minute daily sessions are long enough to impart concepts but short enough to hold kids’ attention. There’s no training necessary for teachers or coaches – teams and classrooms can jump right in.

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$11.99 USD/month


Annual - billed at $143.88 USD/yr

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