What does the research show?

Athletes reported that, after just 6 weeks of using The Mindful Project, they experienced:

  • 2.19 times less anxiety

  • 2.44 times less stress

  • 2.24 times higher quality of life

when compared to their peers. The athletes also felt that practicing daily mindfulness improved their quality of sleep, emotional control, and confidence, and helped create a positive attitude and feelings of calmness.

After 6 weeks of The Mindful Project, athletes felt over 200% less anxiety, over 200% less stress, and more than doubled their quality of life.

Students described themselves as calmer, more under control, and more willing to help their fellow classmates. They also noted that mindfulness made them more optimistic about their future, and that they actually looked forward to their mindfulness training sessions!

Teachers reported that their classes seemed more relaxed, focused, and had fewer behavioral issues after practicing mindfulness. The students had noticeably improved academic performance and emotional regulation, as well as increased compassion and confidence.

Parents noticed that their kids were able to apply mindfulness techniques at home. When a stressful situation occurred, the kids were able to pause, take a breath, and shift their perspective to create a less emotional, more positive reaction.

Research from a six week program that met once a week with our corporate clients shows:
A picture depicting a graph and research
  • Perceived stress decreased by 9.8%
  • Quality of life increased by 12%
  • Anxiety decreased by 53.6%

What do the Pros have to say?

“As athletes we spend a lot of time thinking about our bodies, but we don’t give enough attention to our minds. I believe athletes of all skill levels, and people from all walks of life, can benefit from mindfulness and The Mindful Project.”

Ali Riley

Professional Soccer Player
New Zealand National Team, Angel City FC

“The Mindful Project was a key tool we offered our players at Orlando Pride during our season prep. Using mindfulness to silence the noise and calm the mind was so important. It’s part of my routine, and now I educate young players in adding mindfulness to theirs.”

Ivi Casagrande

Strength & Conditioning Coach, Sports Scientist
U.S. Soccer, Orlando Pride
Technical Consultant FIFA & UEFA

“The Mindful Project is extremely helpful to me, not only as an athlete but as a person. I find that mindfulness calms me down, helps me recenter, and allows me to reflect on what is really important.”

Toni Pressley

Professional Soccer Player
Orlando Pride

“The Mindful Project is such an amazing tool for becoming more present, in sports and in everyday life. The techniques I learned help me to be less judgmental of my own thoughts. It brought me more peace, and in my experience a person at peace is able to perform even better.”

Shelina Zadorsky

Professional Soccer Player
Canadian National Team Olympic Gold Medalist, Tottenham Hotspur