How does it work?

Designed for you, The Mindful Project uses best practices of learning and current research in mental performance. We know that we tend to remember 50 percent of what we see and hear, 70 percent of what we say and write, and 90 percent of what we do. That's why our programs use a variety of learning techniques to give you a foundation of tools to create a new way of thinking, actually changing your brain, and giving you the tools to develop your performance and change the way you live your life. Every aspect of each program has been intentionally designed around the needs of athletes, students, teachers, coaches, and corporate professionals:

Plug and Play

No specialized training is needed to implement our programs. They are completely plug and play, removing many barriers of time and cost.

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Research Based

Co-founder Dr. Rachel Lindvall has spent years researching and implementing the best techniques in mental performance. The Mindful Project has been carefully built around that knowledge.

Experience Driven

Co-founder Erin McLeod’s staggering four FIFA Women’s World Cups, Olympic gold and bronze medals, years of UEFA Champions League appearances, and decades of professional play bring real-world experience to our programs.